Terms & Conditions

We want all of our clients to have a positive, safe and memorable experience. For that reason, we’ve put together transparent terms of service.

General Terms

By submitting an online reservation, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. You are also acknowledging that you are the cardholder of the credit card provided in the reservation form or have been authorized by the cardholder to execute this transaction. You are authorizing us to charge the credit card in full for the services requested, which includes taxes, surcharges, gratuity, and other fees associated with the reservation. You confirm that you are aware of all the charges associated with your reservation and have received a full and complete price quotation beforehand. If you have chosen to forego obtaining a price quotation, you accept the rate in full based on the published rate online, including any hourly minimums, taxes, gratuities, and miscellaneous fees and surcharges associated with the reservation. This is a firm contract and is legally binding.

If you wish to request a price quote, please call the number listed on the website or use the Contact Us link to fill out a contact form. Once your reservation is processed, you will receive a trip confirmation via email. Please review the entire trip ticket upon receipt and confirm that all details and charges are accurate. If changes need to be made, please call (202) 918-9189 to speak with a representative.

It’s important to note that until you receive a trip confirmation email, your reservation is not complete, and a vehicle will not be dispatched. Additionally, every time a change is made to the reservation, a new confirmation email will be sent to you, and each new copy must be signed and/or otherwise authorized via email. Submission of an online reservation constitutes acceptance of all terms and a confirmation of services. However, upon receipt of a trip confirmation email, it is mandatory to confirm via fax or email that the information contained in the trip confirmation document is accurate. If you fail to send such a confirmation, the reservation will be presumed “accurate as is,” and you agree that Elite Chauffeured Services and any affiliated companies or subsidiaries and their agents are neither liable nor required to provide any services in any capacity other than what is specified in the Routing & Pick-Up / -Drop-Off Details section of your trip confirmation.

Cancelation/Changes to reservation policy

If the routing details section on your trip confirmation doesn’t specify otherwise, please note that the deadline for cancellations is 24 hours prior to the scheduled service.

By making a reservation for any of the aforementioned occasions, you agree to the reservation being non-refundable unless the routing details section of your trip confirmation states otherwise.

Even if reserved after the cancellation deadline, the same policy applies, and the reservation will be non-refundable.

After the cancellation or changes deadline has passed, the full amount charged will be non-refundable.

The time taken to travel between the Company’s garage and the pickup/drop-off location will be charged in 30-minute increments, except in cases where the Company decides to waive the travel time at their sole discretion.

Other terms and conditions

The Rates page on this website displays the base rate and excludes additional fees incurred during the trip such as waiting time, mobile phone use, parking fees, tolls, travel time to/from the pick-up/drop-off location, extra stops, and early/late pick-up/drop-off fees.

If reservations exceed the allotted hours, overtime charges will be applied based on the hourly rate, gratuity, tax, fuel, and other applicable surcharges. These fees will be charged to the credit card associated with the reservation on the day after the service. Overtime is calculated in full-hour increments from the stated drop-off time and is rounded to the next hour.

The company is not responsible for mechanical breakdowns while en route, and the client is responsible for paying for all time spent in traffic, which causes the trip to exceed the number of hours stated in the reservation.

For airport pickups, if a flight number is provided, the company will monitor the flight and arrive at the scheduled arrival time with 30 minutes of free waiting time for domestic flights and 45 minutes for international flights. Any waiting time beyond the allotted time will be charged at the overtime/waiting time rates plus applicable fees. If no flight information is provided, the vehicle will be on location at the scheduled time, and the company is not responsible for waiting time due to early arrivals.

By making a reservation, the client agrees to assume full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the rental period, including penalties for carpet/seat burns, smoking, and extensive cleaning/sanitation.

The company is not liable for delays or termination of service due to inclement weather, traffic, road conditions, or any damage, loss, or inconvenience, including missed flights, meetings, or appointments caused by service delays. The company’s maximum liability is the full amount of the reserved services, and any credits or refunds beyond the services not rendered are at the company’s discretion.

The client assumes full financial responsibility for any time the reserved vehicle is used by them, their party, or any other person associated with the reservation. The company is not responsible for any lost or stolen items left in the vehicle.

The company has the right to upgrade any reserved vehicle without notice and may contract with affiliated or unaffiliated entities to provide the requested services.

Passengers are prohibited from consuming alcohol and smoking in any vehicle. The driver may terminate the run immediately, without notice or refund, if any rules or laws are broken during the service. The vehicle may not exceed its seating capacity.